June 21, 2023 all-day


Registration deadlines are three weeks prior to the test session.  If you experience any difficulty registering for the test, you MUST notify the test chair PRIOR to the deadline or a late fee will be incurred, no exceptions.

Test Chair email: testchair@iceworkssc.org

  • The schedule for each test session will be ready one week prior to the test session.
  • Coaches, please be sure your skater registers for the correct test.
  • Any changes made (if possible) after schedule is completed will incur a $10 fee.

ALL SKATERS MUST BE PREPARED TO TAKE THE ICE 30 MINUTES PRIOR TO WARM-UP TIME!!! There are many factors that make the schedule subject to change. The session will progress so be prepared – you don’t want to miss your warm-up/test!


In accordance with Rules TR 3.00, 4.01 and 4.02, athletes may receive credit for meeting minimum scores at any competition held under the International Judge System (IJS). The athlete must “skate-up” to the event they are seeking test credit for, in addition to having already passed any prerequisites prior to the competition event.

Events Eligible:

Singles Free Skate: Open Juvenile, Juvenile, Intermediate, Novice, Junior, Senior and Adult Gold
Pairs Free Skate: Juvenile, Intermediate, Novice, Junior and Senior
Free Dance: Juvenile, Intermediate, Novice, Junior and Senior

STEP 1: At the competition, go to the registration/information desk and ask for a “Test Credit Packet” which includes the documents listed below. This MUST be requested on-site, and will not be available after the competition ends. Take a picture of all documents for safe-keeping. As a courtesy, ask the competition for the packet within one hour of your event ending.

Documents needed / included in the Test Credit Packet:
1. A copy of the overall event results, that lists all of the skaters, in addition to the names of the Technical Controller and Event Referee.
2. Your individual protocol.
3. Your Test Credit Skater Report, generated by the accountant. This has your name, your scores and verifies you achieved a passing result.

STEP 2: Obtain a written statement from your coach verifying that the above documents are true and valid (must include all information on sample sheet). The coach may write their own statement, or they may choose to use the sample document that can be found on USFSA.org (not the Members Only page); click on the “Clubs” tab, then click on “Tests” for information and sample forms.

STEP 3: Submit these documents to your club’s Test Chair, after payment has been made on Entryeeze.**

**Must register protocols in Entryeeze as you would for a regular test session in the Protocol Registration section only. The cost is the regular test fee minus the ice fee. There are no late fees for registering protocols, but payment must be made before test credit is submitted to USFSA .

THERE IS A BIN ON THE SIDE OF A FILE CABINET IN LISA SHAW’S OFFICE TO PLACE YOUR PACKET FOR PICK-UP BY THE TEST CHAIR. In the bin is a sample copy of the Coach’s Verification form if you need it – please only make a copy and leave for the next person.

IN SUMMARY, there are four (4) pages that must be turned in once payment on Entryeeze is made:

  1. The overall event results, which include the names and signatures of the Event Referee and Technical Controller.
  2. Your individual protocol.
  3. Your Test Credit Skater report from the competition.
  4. Coach’s verification.